New Year, New Me?

Today is currently the 18th of January, yes I am aware it has been over two since the new year reigned in on us, so your probably wondering why I am sat in a big fluffy dressing gown with a face mask on, hair in the biggest and messiest bun, sat watching Loose Women. Well as crazy as it sounds but one of my resolutions was actually to take more time for self care. Now don’t get me wrong I am hoping to lose some weight this year and become a healthier version of myself, I’d also love to start saving money to be able, in the long run, put a deposit down for my dream house. However I felt that this year more importantly was a time for myself.


2017 for me was just exceptional. I moved into a gorgeous apartment with the man of my dreams, went to my first ever concert and met Olly Murs, went on our first holiday together to a beautiful little village in Barcelona and last but far from least got our beautiful little pup, Bambi. My point is non of that was part of my resolutions, in fact my only resolution was to lose weight and I have actually done the complete reverse of that. Living with a guy who can eat anything he wants and non gain an inch does not help and neither does living right in the centre of town with a McDonalds, KFC, Dominos, about 10 Chinese Restaurants and our literal next door neighbour is a Weatherspoon’s. And yes I know this shouldn’t have been an excuse, but I had the most amazing year, and achieved so much I never thought or planned I could have.


So back to the original story, this year I want to take more time out for myself, tackle issues such as my stress levels. Who knows, as a result of my new self care regime my other goals may be reached as well, but if not then it is not the end of the world. This year my new years resolution will be a manageable one.


Currently over two weeks into the new year I can more than happily say, I feel fabulous!! Every Monday night I have a pamper night, candles,  face masks, luxurious shower and a good old romantic comedy included. I have something to look forward to during the week end ( I work in retail so my worst time is the weekend, I will except any sympathy here)… and my skin has been truly loving me for it! I have also been taking care in what food I put into my body. I have never enjoyed my evening meals after work so much, yet my meal mainly consists and vegetables which for anyone who knows me knows this is baffling! I also now exercise for half an hour a day which has massively improved my quality of sleep. To complete my new year, new me I have also lost 8lbs, feel much more energised and love myself for the first time in a long time!


The moral of this blog post is that by changing one little factor in life, lots of positive changes can occur and change your whole life. So take your first step, whoever little is may be you will thank yourself for it. And I am so happy to have you guys here to be able to share my new happiness with.

Pugs and Kisses

x X X

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Mask Monday – 2!

Today #MaskMonday is……..

IMG_1809The Vitamasques Bamboo Charcoal Pore Tightening mask!

I picked a pack of four of these masks from Very for £12.99:

So they are reasonably priced and easy access to buy. Also Very has cheap delivery or free click and collect to any Collect+ store so if your like me this is a massive appeal as I hate finding a cheap product then finding out the delivery is almost as much as the item, so the price you see is actually the price you get with this.

On to the mask itself, it is very saturated however not too much so that it is a hot mess to apply to your face. The mask is black and a one piece so can be a little difficult to fit different face shapes however for me it fit just fine other than the top corner of my face. It doesn’t irritate or itch the skin and I have very sensitive skin and found it almost soothing to have on. In addition to this the mask has a nice floral smell rather then the typical cosmetics smell of other masks.

The result wasn’t astonishing, however there was a visible difference to my pores and cleared up a few of my spots. Also my skin was left smooth for a few hours then the effects wear off. For a pore tightening mask I wouldn’t say it is the best on the market however the value for money certainly makes it one I will use again and again.

Hairburst Final Review!

Now this a bit of  juicy post for you lovely lot today! I pride myself on honestly and I am sure going to be revealing some honest feelings about these products. I so hoped I would love these products as ive seen so and I mean so many celebrities raving about them all over instagram including the likes of Kylie Jenner. So I was very disappointed when I tried these. And I gave them a damn good go!


For me its pretty difficult to write a long paragraph about the shampoo. It did what it was meant to. My hair was clean. And that’s where the excitement ends. It didn’t do anything amazing or gave it any volume, just stopped it being greasy like pretty much every other shampoo  on the market. So at £12.50 a bottle I will certainly not be repurchasing this item. I have had much better results from cheaper drugstore shampoo’s such as L’Oreal’s fibreology worked wonders on my hair giving it lots of volume and shine but yet didn’t go greasy to quick whereas this shampoo did, after a day I had to shampoo it again. (Normally I wash my hair every two days).


Again, this product didn’t work the wonders it claimed. In fact all it did was leave my hair knotty. Before I started using this I was using a cheap drugstore Pantene leave in conditioner and a heat protect spray and this gave my hair so much more than life than what it has now. Right now my hair is so dull and drab, the ends do not look healthy like they did before. So to summarise this is another waste of £12.50.

Hair Gummies:

Out the three products these were definitely my favourite but only because they tasted nice. They did not do a single thing for my hair. Since using all these products my hair has grown only 2cm and in some places actually snapped off. Surrounding my face I had a few strands of hair that reached my shoulder, now these pieces have snapped off and barely even reach my eyebrows!! Now the only thing I have changed in my routine is these products so I have out it down to them that has happened. Back to the gummies, they seem like a waste of money to me as they are £20 for a bottle and I could just buy a £1 bag of wine gums that taste just as good and get a whole lot more and have the same effect on my hair…nothing!!


So to cover all areas, I will not at any time be repurchasing any hairburst products as I would prefer to spend my money (£45.99) on a couple of takeaways and enjoy my self a hell of a lot more!


Love you all



DrugStore Haul!

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So todays post is a good old drugstore haul! I wont be going into too much detail on each product as I have not yet tried all of them out so will most likely be doing a post in a few weeks discussing my feelings on them in more depth.

So i will start with skincare (my current favourite thing):


In shower products: First i got the Nivea firming in shower moisturiser. ( Now i can’t speak much about this exact product as i haven’t tried the firming version however i have tried the normal in shower moisturiser and i love it! It makes the skin so smooth, especially after a good exfoliation. The other product is the Sanctuary Spa shower burst foam ( I am in love with this product! It truly does what it says on the tin, my skin has felt soft for up to three days as a result of this one product, so if your in a rush this product is ideal to moisturise the skin. I also find it works wonders with prolonging fake tan.


Soap and Glory is quite easily one of my all time favourite skincare brands. The smoothie body scrub is my ride or die exfoliator. It smells divine and leaves my skin so soft and refreshed. ( The other is the Soap and Glory Scrub Of Your Life, i find this a less harsh exfoliator, so on the other days i don’t use the smoothie scrub i will use this. (


The first item is the Spritz Me Quick Hydrating Mist, this stuff has saved my skin. In the morning when im in a rush i wake up, spray this and get ready. It only takes 2 seconds and ive finished my morning moisturising. ( The best part is all the products ive spoke about so far are on 3 for 2 in boots, follow the link above). The next product i haven’t used enough to review properly but so far i wouldn’t say it is worth the money it is just like a usual moisturizer.



The next set of products are for firming the skin. Ive not used any of them yet so cannot comment so i will just link them below:

> Nivea Cellulite Serum :  Superdrug instore only

>Palmers Lotion :

>Soap & Glory Sit Tight:


Next we will move on to Face Masks:

Whilst i have used quite a few of these masks i will not review them as they are upcoming on my #MaskMonday. So i will just link them below:

> Animalz Face Masks –


> Yes to Blemish and Charcoal Masks –


> Vitamasque Charcoal Sheet Mask –


>Nip + Fab Sheet Masks –


> Garnier Charcoal Tissue Mask-


> Soap and Glory Masks-




Mask Monday – 1

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Are you guys excited?….

This is the first #MaskMonday!!

Today I am going to be reviewing the Soap and Glory what a peeling mask ( .


Normally I prefer sheet masks, I am messy as it is without needed to try and peel off an unusual substance off my face. However this is one of the exceptions to the rule. I adore this mask! I would quite easily put this peel off mask as my favourite! Each pot has one use in it, and they did not go stingey on the amount of product you get inside. I can create quite a thick layer on the skin from each little pot. And to make it even better you get two pots in each packet and a helpful scoop to make the application even easier. This mask retails at £4 from boots ( so essentially each use is only £2 and to make it even better currently all Soap & Glory skincare, including all the face masks, are 3 for 2. And just a quick heads up all the Soap & Glory masks are brilliant!


Now on to the functionality of this mask… It claims to declog pores and help clarify the skin and it certainly does that my friends! My skin feels so smooth and I can see a visible difference in my pores. The day after doing this mask my makeup applied smoothly and I could see an amazing difference to the quality of makeup and actually received a few comments on why my makeup looked different.


Furthermore the main part I expected to dislike was the idea of a peel off mask. However this mask peeled off so easily and with very little mess compared to other face masks. Also I could physically feel it pulling the dirt out of my pores. But not to the point of being painful, more like a weird satisfactory feeling.

I hope you enjoyed todays #MaskMonday and cant wait to see you all for next weeks edition.

Love you all,



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Superdrug Online Opticians- Review!

Now this is post for some, may be pointless, as for those who do not wear glasses this review will most likely not effect you, however I wish I read a post about Superdrug Opticians before purchasing. As a quick summary my experience was, how to put it nicely…disastrous. Which is such a shame as the end product I am really impressed with.

So for a back story, I have been wearing glasses for 10 years now, and heavily rely on them. I am literally as blind as a bat. My prescription is for long distance however as the years have passed the distance has become shorter and shorter. So to cut a long story short, I cannot see with my out my glasses.

This will be the first time I will have gotten my glasses other than from Specsavers. And right now I am partially regretting it. I looked around a few glasses websites. I contemplated GlassesUSA but wasn’t fond of the idea of getting a pair of glasses from abroad, for me it seems risky, however now it proves that even from the UK it is risky. I never realised that Superdrug actually had an opticians. Upon searching the website I found a pair I really liked and for £50 which compared to other sites was an extremely reasonable price and especially considering there was a 20% off code for orders of £50+ so essentially I got the pair of glasses for £40. So I jumped at the chance.

Now this part is where it all starts to go wrong. I got a copy of my prescription from Specsavers and entered the data into the form online, I also like the fact you can add a photo of your prescription onto your file just a backup. However there is then a piece of information called a PD (pupillary distance). As I had two pairs of glasses I chose the option to send them off to get the PD measured.  The service is free if you chose not have your glasses returned or for a £5 get them sent back to afterwards.  As I said, I had two pairs so I chose to not get them sent back. I sent them off via a post box with a first class stamp to the address provided and I doubled checked the address aswell as my boyfriend.

Over a week later I hadn’t heard anything off them bearing mind the whole process is meant to take 7-10 days including delivery. I didn’t even receive a confirmation email with nay order details. After multiple emails I finally got a response two weeks after placing my order to get my order number in order to track the progress. It was at this point I found out they supposedly hadn’t even received my glasses. Obviously I was annoyed by this as the pair I sent off were a value of £120. I rang the number provided on the website after five minutes of being on hold I never got through to anyone and got hung up on.  I tried three times that days to get through to anyone to find out what was going on. The next day  I tried again and actually got through to a member of staff, she checked the arrivals area and she said they were not there and to continue waiting, when I informed her that they were sent off first class so after 2 weeks would already be there she responded by saying “Just wait a few more days…okay?” and then hung up!

Obviously by this point I was raging! So I did as she said and waited. A week later I rang again and got through to another rude member of staff who said to carry on waiting or send another pair. I tried to explain my issue that I did not have another pair of glasses to send off as I only had the one pair due to already sending off a pair and that would leave me with no glasses so I couldn’t not see for over a week meaning I could not go to wok or even watch TV.  The staff member did not even listen and just again said to wait. So I said was not happy to wait any longer as by this point my order had been placed 25 previously and all I had was £40 taken from my bank account and a £120 pair of glasses stolen from me.

After much anger on the phone call I then received an email the next day saying that my only option was to send off a pair and be blind for a week and risk not even getting a pair back. Or I was to just use an average and never get my other pair back or get the actually correct PD. So as I had no choice I had to use the average otherwise I would be down £40 as the refused a refund and still not get my £120 pair of glasses.

So from this point my order was processed using the average even then my order took over the 7-10 days promised. In the end I received my glasses 6 weeks after I placed the order and a lot of hassle with the company and lost £120 pair of glasses which Superdrug are not willing to do anything about!

This review is abit of a mixed one because having said this I am in love with the glasses I eventually received and for the price are extremely good quality. My advice is to seek your PD from your opticians regardless of the cost as you will end up out of pocket from this company. But the price of getting your PD (i was quoted £20) plus the price of the glasses is still cheaper than what i would usually pay and still meant i got more of a variety of frames to chose from.

My future plans!

Unfortunately todays post is only going to be a quick one. I thought I would just update you all on what I plan to bring to this new blog and my instagram. I am going to be taking a much more structured approach in the future with my work. So you can expect a post on this blog every Monday and Thursday. The Monday post will be part of my #maskmonday on my blog and instagram. On my instagram account (caitlinpaige_x)  I will post a short review on my face mask of choice or you are more than welcome to recommend one to me, and on this blog I will go more into depth into each mask. I have recently grew a new interest in all things skincare and in particular face masks and will really enjoy sharing with you all my thoughts and feelings and the ones I try.


In addition the post an a Monday my other post will be on a Thursday this one will be more of a wider range of topics, for example next weeks is an ‘Everyday Clothing Haul’, I will be doing makeup reviews, empties, monthly favourites etc. Again any topic you wish for me to cover you can comment on here and over on my Instagram, I appreciate any feedback whether that be good or bad.  Soon to come will also be weekly videos an my Youtube which will cover a similar sort of topics.


Finally my last big change is going to be to my lifestyle. Over the course of last month I have taken on various different types of diets and new physical exercises. And I have narrowed it down to a system that I enjoy. For two weeks I will doing the SlimFast programme as a detox and then continnueing with a healthy regime which I will document on Instagram and here along with my progress. Furthermore I am using an exercise bike and fitness DVD’s. Now I can express that I have no qualifications or extensive knowledge in health I jut thought it would be interesting to take you along with my journey. If you have any questions please feel free to ask and I will respond as soon as possible.


Now for today that is all and I shall see you in a few days time for the first #Maskmonday….who’s excited??


Lots of Love

Caitlin X

Hairbust- 2 Week Update

Hello Again!

So nice to see you again, today I am going to be discussing the effects of Hairbust and just to address the situation everybody is thinking, I am no way sponsored or linked to the company so this is a 100% honest opinion. I am sorry this is going to be a short one but I am not a hair expert and have not been using it for a long enough to make my final comments but thought it could be helpful to brief you.


Personally I normally go for a lot cheaper shampoo and conditioners. I have never invested a decent amount of money into my hair care I used to just buy a £3 bottle from Superdrug or Boots. The Hairburst shampoo and conditioner are £24.99 for the two. However I would recommend purchasing them from Holland and Barratt as most of the time there is a deal on, ie half price or when I bought mine I get them in the Penny Sale they frequently hold. So I bought the 60 pack of gummies basically for a penny instead of £19.99. This way it meant I got the month supply of shampoo, conditioner and gummies for £25 which I feel is actually a good deal.


I have been really enjoying the gummies I feel they have massively improved my hair condition. It feels a lot stronger and I have been having  lot less breakages. It hasn’t actually made my hair grow but I guess it is more likely to when the condition of my hair is better. The shampoo is actually better than I thought it would be as I expected it to leave my hair flat and dull however it actually has become very shiny, a quality my hair has never possessed. The conditioner has also stopped my hair from knotting which used to cause me to lose a decent chunk of my hair at a time.  Another positive is the bottle actually is very informative, it comes with extra steps, rather than just your usual apply and rinse technique.

Overall Opinion:

I personally would recommend all these products, but I would also not advise spending the money on them every month, I am probably going to use them to initially improve my hairs condition then just continue with other products such as my hair oils and leave in treatments.

Updated Skincare Routine!


Todays post is going to be a reveal of my new updated skincare routine. When I say updated that’s a tad of a lie. Before the new year my skincare routine consisted of a makeup wipe and occasionally a dab of moisturiser. However as part of my new year, new me situation I have put a lot more effort into my regime and my skin is certainly showing a difference. For one the horrid spots that cluster on my chin are clearing up and I am only left with 2 stubborn ones who I will eventually part ways with. I also used to have major trouble with dry skin on my nose and forehead which I have now eliminated and my makeup applies so much better and smoother. Just to prove how much of a difference I believe this routine has made here is an extremely rare no make up selfie:


Now on to my actually skincare routine, many of you may think there is a lot of steps to this, however you can mix and match which steps you do each night to make it shorter. And some of the products are actually only to be used once or twice a week, so you would not have to  use every single night. I will go into more detail on these steps.

Step 1:  Micellar Water

As you are probably well aware there is a million and one different micellar waters on the market. Personally my current favourite is the ‘Soap & Glory 5 in 1 Magnetizing Micellar Makeup Remover’. It is available in a 200ml and 350ml bottle: ( ) . The main reason I like this micellar water in comparison to others is that it is very powerful and any one who knows me knows everyday is a full coverage day for me so I need a strong makeup remover and this certainly does this trick. I also really enjoy the scent of this product which is an added benefit. The majority of the time Boots also have some kind of deal or offer, for example at the minute Soap & Glory is on a 3 for 2.  All I do is pour a few drops onto a cotton pad and swipe across my face, I usually would use 2 or 3 cotton pads for this.

Ps. How cute is my cotton pad holder from Primark!


Step 2:  Cleanser

Similar to the micellar water there is a lot of cleansing products that all target different skin types. Personally one of my problematic areas is blemishes and spots. One that has worked wonders for me is the Body Shop Skin Clearing Foaming Cleanser ( This product for me, is so gentle on the skin compared to other acne focused cleansers, it does not sting at all and actually leaves the skin feeling so smooth afterword’s. It is also extremely quick to use and surprisingly does pick up a lot of left over makeup that clings to the skin which has prevented unnecessary spots forming.


Step 3: Final Cleanse & Exfoliate

For my last step of cleansing, which I know your probably thinking 3 cleansers a lot, so obviously you can cut some of these out. I use the Nip + Fab Teen Skin Breakout Pads ( , these are just a quick extra step that ive added in, I do find these quite harsh or strong on the skin so I will only use if I have a breakout starting or forming, also this means that my skin doesn’t get use to the products and become resistant to it. For exfoliating I am currently using the Nip + Fab Teen Skin Fix Pore Blaster ( ), this isn’t as harsh but does a brilliant job getting rid of any dead skin or patches of dry skin especially around my nose. Another positive note is that they are currently on 2 or £12 at superdrug, the link will take you there!


Step 4: Peeling Solution

For an extra and more intense exfoliation I use ‘The Ordinary Peeling Solution’ (I usually buy this from ASOS, currently out of stock on there). This is a dark red liquid that come in a dropper application, I apply two or three drops to my face and gently spread all over my face. You leave the product on the skin for about 10 minutes and then rinse off. At first it has a very slight tingling sensation which does go after about a minute. I find this product makes my skin extra soft and smooth and also helps make my skin look and feel healthy and brighter as it removes any remaining dead skin cells.


Step Five:  Serums

I have gained a recent love for serums, as I do not suffer from oily skin I find that they add the extra hydration and shine that my skin lacks.  The two I use are ‘The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid’ (£6) which I use both morning and night which evens out the skins surface ready for a seamless makeup application and hydrates the skin of a night time. The other is ‘Its Skin Power 10 VB Sebum Control Serum’ ( I buy both of these off of ASOS. This serum helps add essential oils to my skin without causing any extra breakouts and the formula targets spots to reduce the redness overnight.


Step Six: Coconut Oil

I think its pretty much common knowledge nowadays that coconut oil is the cure for life. Ive known this for months and it has proved to work miracles and my hair but it wasn’t until recently that I tried it on my face. Every night I apply a little with my fingertips to my eyebrows and eyelashes which keeps them healthy. Occasionally if my skin is extra dry I will apply a scoop straight to my face as an overnight mask and my skin will feel rejuvenated in the morning and a lot healthier. Personally I do not have a set brand for a favourite coconut oil, at the minute I am using Superdrugs own brand as that was on offer at the time, I feel they all work the same. ( )


Step Seven: Eye Cream

Now I am only 19, so eye cream isn’t the end of the world for me but I can get dry under eyes, and my job is very tiring and requires a lot of early mornings, so recently eye cream has become a holy grail product for me. Now as I say I don’t use eye cream for its anti- wrinkle properties so personally I bought a cheap drugstore one whereas if this is an essential product I would recommend going for a slightly higher end brand as I find this cream is far from the best that is out there but for me does the small job I need it to of hydrating my undereyes and for under £3 I cant complain. ( )


Step Eight: Drying Lotion

I think anyone who knows there skincare will have heard of the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion and the miracle powers that is has. And I can only agree with all the hype, I find that for under the skin spots it has been my life saver and we all know that they are one of lifes biggest pains. I just apply this with a cotton bud before I go to bed and BAM no spot has formed.  Although it is one of the more expensive products in my routine (£16 from Beauty Bay  )  I certainly feel if you suffer badly from acne or blemishes it is more than worth its value. Now that is the last last step in my very long night time skin care routine.


Morning Skincare:

During a breakout I will start my morning routine with the Nip + Fab Cleansing pads to ensure any oils my face has produced overnight are removed from my skin. Then I will spray my Mario Badescu Aloe Herbs and Rosewater Facial Spray to add some hydration back into the skin. I let this sit in my skin for a few minutes normally while I go and make my much needed morning coffee with about 10 sugars. Once the spray has absorbed I will then apply two drop of the Its Skin serum followed by The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid to add a base for make up.

Daytime Maintenance:

During the day when I have my makeup on there isn’t much in the way of skincare that I can do. But recently I have been loving the Nivea Pearl Shine lip balm as this provides extremely nourishing lip care but also the pearly pink sheen gives it a almost a glossy lipstick look. Aswell as this I have been taking my Mario Badescu Aloe Herbs and Rosewater Facial Spray in my handbag to work, I spritz this over my face on my breaks or whenever I feel my skin drying out and in need of hydration. It also acts well as a setting spray throughout the da as I find my makeup lasts longer when I apply this throughout the day.


I hope you enjoyed this routine and find yourself some new products to try out. You can shop them all with direct links to the products at their cheapest price on this link:


Lots of

Love Caitlin



The First Of Many


21042675_118004712155446_6985506810769702912_n(1)So this is the first step of my big new adventure, and i couldn’t be any more excited… i promise i’m trying not to sound like Chandler from Friends. Please excuse any rustiness as it has been quite a few years, more than i’d like to admit, since i have wrote a blog post. So you may be asking why i have decided to rejoin the joyous times of blogging… well it actually started with a conversation from my boyfriend. I think like everyone else that exists i have always had the dream of blogging and creating my own youtube videos, i just thought the dream was a bit too extreme. However one night whilst sat in bed, doing our standard boring weekday evening, me watching youtube and my boyfriend playing Fifa (involving lots of cursing…lots!) he randomly turns to me and says “why dont you start Youtube? YOu buy enough makeup?” At first, presuming it was one of his witty, sarcastic comments i let out a little chuckle, but this actually then transformed into a in depth 1 hour long conversation about how it could actually become possible.

So to sum up for you guys, i now have an excuse to buy even more makeup with a justifiable excuse to the boyfriend and even better i can share it all with you. I would love it if you could follow me on my new journey on my:

Instagram- caitlinpaige_x

Snapchat – caitlinpaige14


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